Trail update

Although there have not been many project updates,the Guemes Channel Trail efforts are steadily ongoing.  As expected there are many hurdles and details to work through.

The most immediate trail efforts will hopefully extend the trail west from the cul-de-sac on Edwards Way to the Washington State Ferry, then further extending to Washington Park.

The section leading to the WSF is expected to be placed directly south of the Ship Harbor Interpretive trail wetlands. Surveys are underway on the two sections in consideration.

State monies that are allocated for completion of the Guemes Channel trail are on a three-tiered waiting list. It is unknown exactly when the money will be released. In the meantime, work continues in the effort to make all sections “shovel ready”.

The public enthusiasm and patience shown is very much appreciated. We all look forward to adding to the sections already completed and to the day when we have “Completed the Dream” of a finished Guemes Channel Trail!